Camp Deposit - Testing Fees - Specific Amount Payment Option

To pay for your testing fee, deposit for camp, or make a payment of another dollar amount to Sensei June, please use the PayPal buttons below.  You may pay through your PayPal account or use a credit card without a PayPal account.

Testing Fee:

Yellow - Orange $40.00

Purple - Blue Stripe $50

Green - 1st Degree Brown $60

Black TBA
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WEEKLY Camp Deposit $175 per student:
You may pay a deposit for more than one child by increasing the quantity.  Balance of camp fee(s) must be paid prior to camp beginning.  Please include your phone number and date of camp!!!

Select Camp Week(s)

JULY DAY Camp payment $70 per student, per day:
You may pay a deposit for more than one child by increasing the quantity. 

Select Camp Day(s)


Payment for Specific Amount:
Use the payment button below to make a payment for products, classes, other events for the specific amount.  Type in what you're paying for in the "Add a Note" section.
(NOTE:  PayPal will show your payment as a donation - even though it is a payment.  You may use your PayPal account or a debit or credit card.)

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